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BKODE school programs promote personal growth through dance. We encourage today’s young people with positive characteristics in which they can use in and out of school.


Our aim is to extend the learning opportunities of students attending primary and secondary schools. We operate throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, delivering an experience where students develop personal qualities that might not be exposed in the traditional classroom setting

BKODE Dance  Wellbeing School Progams
BKODE Dance  Wellbeing School Progams


The dance teachers, being performers themselves, believe that performing and learning how to dance brings out attributes such as teamwork, leadership and confidence. Our method of learning will give students the ability to follow instructions with attention to detail and aid students with greater coordination, balance, flexibility and physical endurance.


BKODE offers both primary and secondary schools with dance classes to tackle wellbeing gaps. Our 10 week programs aim to give students the experience of an enjoyable activity, whilst teaching positive characteristics at the same time. We have devised 3 types of programs that schools may benefit from.


The ‘At Risk’ program is designed for students who are socially inept. Our motive is to encourage learning and relieve negative pressures they encounter in school and outside of school.The basis of the program is to develop students’ social skills where interaction is emphasized between their fellow peers.

 - "This program encourages communication, teamwork & comfort"


The ‘Student Leadership’ program is designed to establish and better leadership skills. The notion in the way our dance teachers conduct this program is to encourage students in making decisions and taking action. The basis of this program is to increase students’ self esteem while respect for others is maintained.

- "This program encourages direction, delegation, teamwork & respect"


The ‘Self Knowledge’ program is designed to push students to break their limits. Throughout this process students are given the opportunity to discover new things about themselves. Dance teachers involved in this program will assist them to relieve any doubt they may have. The basis of this program is to develop positive attitudes through self realization strategies.

- "This program encourages goal setting, peer support & teamwork"

BKODE Dance  Wellbeing School Progams


By the end of a 10 week program a dance showcase will be produced. This showcase can be performed at school events like socials, assemblies, presentation nights, etc.


Each session is 1 hour in duration and includes;

  • 5 minutes warm up & stretching

  • 30 minutes learning choreography & technique

  • 15 minutes project theme work

  • 10 minutes drilling & performance

BKODE Dance  Wellbeing School Progams







For many youth, early adolescence is one of the last real opportunities to affect their educational and personal trajectory. The transition between Primary School and Secondary School (Grade 6 to Year 7) represents a critical “turning point” in the lives of Australian youths.


Dance is an effective way to ease students with transitioning into a new school. Our dance instruction will encourage students to work with one another in a healthy and fun environment.



Dance can be used as an alternative lesson for physical education. BKODE provides a fun way for students to open up new possibilities, to keep healthy and enjoy themselves. Dance can:

  • Improve strength & flexibility, which keep muscles & joints healthy

  • Help students learn about their body, improving posture & balance

  • Offer insight to other cultures

  • Lead to new career opportunities

  • Offer a creative outlet to express their personalities in a safe environment


BKODE is experienced in teaching students with disabilities. Our dance lesson plans can help meet a variety of goals for students with special needs. Dance is an integral part of the physical education curriculum, and it should be included for able-bodied as well as disabled students. Dance can:

  • Build balance & coordination

  • Increase muscle strength

  • Increase muscle endurance

  • Build flexibility

  • Encourage teamwork, cooperation & group skills

  • Develop awareness of beat, rhythm & movement to music

  • Develop an understanding of musical qualities & the relationship of music to emotion & mood

BKODE Dance  Wellbeing School Progams
BKODE Dance  Wellbeing School Progams


Teachers or facilitators will need to arrange a space in the school with a power point for our audio system. It may be a gym, hall, courtyard or a classroom.


Other than that... leave the rest to us!



"Established a positive rapport with students, where they demonstrated proficiency to entertain and interest students." 

Nitch Hickey – Teacher at Kurunjang Primary School


"Our students were excited and became impatient waiting for the next session, which was a very good indication that the students were enjoying the dance sessions. Overall, our entire experience was very rewarding and positive. They are very professional individuals and I would not hesitate in recommending them in the future."

Honey Stirling – Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Manor Lakes P-12 College


"I would highly recommend BKODE to any school wanting to give their students the opportunity to participate in a personal growth program that promotes leadership, confidence and self esteem. By the end of the 10 weeks students were very proud of their accomplishment, and couldn’t praise the program enough to the rest of their peers."

 Seral Fehmi – Student Wellbeing Officer Years 7-9 for Brookside P-9 College


"Engaged well with students, pleasant nature and very talented."

 Julie Halantas – Student Welfare for Staughton College


"BKODE worked well with our students and provided the perfect structure to achieve our goals.  They had a great attitude and patience with the students and were very professional and organised."

  Mark Miatello – Deputy Principal for Resurrection Primary School


Q: Can our school run a program with less or more than 10 sessions?

A: Yes, you can decide on the amount of sessions your school wishes to partake.


Q: How many students are you able teach per session?

A: Our dance classes are normally capped at 25 students per session. Larger class sizes generally require more dance teachers.


Q: Do your services extend to rural Victoria?

A: Our services extend throughout Victoria.


Q: What year levels do you teach?

A: We can teach all year levels, from grade prep to year 12.


Q: Can we use your services for preparation for school dances, discos, concert, etc.?

A: BKODE also provides a variety of dance services such as show direction, choreography, dance group development and mentoring services.


Q: Do you provide your services before and after school hours?

A: Yes, we can teach dance classes before school and after school. Having us for before and after school care is certainly possible.


Q: Do your dance teachers have their Working With Children Check?

A: All BKODE dance teachers obtain a Working With Children Check.


Q: Are you insured?

A: BKODE is insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.


Q: Can we choose the music the students dance to?

A: By default BKODE chooses appropriate music for the students to dance to each week, although the school can decide the music selection if they wish

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