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Adults Dance Class


Looking to shake things up on a Tuesday night? This class is the perfect place to let loose and groove to some RnB tunes. Hip Hop and Street Dance are the main influences in the choreography taught. Don't miss out on the chance to strut your stuff and meet some new dance friends.

Tuesday 8pm - 9pm

Breakdance Classes

Our Breakdance Class is suitable for junior students wanting to learn an energetic style of dance.  The class will focus on learning  it's 4 foundations of Top rock, Footwork, Freezes and Power Moves.

Monday 6pm - 7pm

BKODE Academy program


BKODE Academy classes aim to develop dance skill, build confidence and encourage creativity. Students are taught choreography and dance foundations.

Monday 7pm - 8pm

Junior Academy program


Our Junior Academy classes are for children from the ages of 5-12. Students will learn foundations like grooves & music timing. They will also be learning different dances in a fun environment. These classes will encourage your child to perform confidently on stage and set them up to be superstar performers.

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm 7 years and under

Thursday 6pm - 7pm 8 years and over

Crew Classes


Crew classes are for students selected through BKODE Academy classes and invitational crew auditions.

Crew members are taught dance shows which will be used at dance competitions and at different events.

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