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BKODE dance crews give students the opportunity to participate in dance competitions and showcase at events.


Our dance crews are for selected members that are able to commit to regular rehearsals and are ready to represent at a competition level. 


Our achievements include:

2019 Heavyweight Urban Dance Championships

2018 Heavyweight Urban Dance Championships

2018 Step Off

2017 Battlegrounds Melbourne

2017 Step Off

2016 Australian Dance Crew Championships

2015 Battlegrounds Melbourne

2014 Australian Dance Crew Championships

2013 Australian Hip Hop Championships

2010 World Supremacy Battlegrounds

2009 Groove Melbourne

2006 Groove Melbourne

Each crew train a minimum of 2 days a week for 1 hour. Training days and times are dependent on which crew you are representing.

Extra rehearsals may be needed leading up to competitions or showcases. We also don't charge fees for extra rehearsals!

To see how you can get involved in one of our dance crews - contact us now!

Juniors Division Crew (ages 7 - 12)

Varsity Division Crew (ages 13 - 18)

Open Crew (any age)

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